Good Night, Kunming!

Kunming, September 14 2010

Final destination for the day was Wangfujing Shopping Centre. It was clean and elegant. I especially love the open-air-concept here.

Lights on the trees illuminated the whole open area outside Wangfujing's building.

 Small streams like these made a really colorful and romantic night at Wangfujing Shopping Centre. I'm impressed that even though their public toilet in general is less clean than the ones in my home country, this little stream could be kept clean.

 And so are the paving blocks inside the shopping centre. I looks so clean that I feel like having to mind my steps or else I'll slipped. It almost felt like walking on glass.

A short glimpse of Kunming City from above.

Actually, after searching almost every floor for a place to eat that suits everyone's desire, we eventually dined in a luxurious Chinese restaurant. I didn't make any choice but was glad anyway, because it was pretty clean.

However, all the pictures of food I took there wasn't satisfying at all. Some were unfocused. It seems that until this point I had already enough with food matter that my psychological state of mind affected my shots. I know that passion for a photo subject affects the result of the photo shot.

It's written "SHUN CHENG". 
I bet the owner must be a relative of mine :P

After dinner I searched for a rest room. My friends who had gone first told me to go to the left. But near the corner I smelled "toilet" from the right side. I thought that my friends must have not noticed that there is also a rest room on the right side. Since it looked closer instead of going left, I went there instead.

To my surprise, it wasn't a rest room. It was a kitchen of the restaurant where I had dinner! Unbelievable! I came closer to peep inside just to make sure.

In Indonesia, you would never find such thing in a shopping center by the same level of Wangfujing Shopping Centre. You won't even know where the kitchen is! Not to mention about the smell.

So turned back, to the direction my friends had told me. After experiencing the first traditional toilet on the way from Hekou to Kunming, this restroom was of course a relief. However, you can imagine if a kitchen smells like a toilet, then what does a toilet smell like. In Indonesia, even in shopping centers by lower levels than Wangfujing Shopping Centre, the toilets have much higher standards.

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