Kunming and Its Nature -- Part 2

Kunming, September 14 2010

According to Mel, a guy we met at Cuihu suggested us to visit Garden Expo. The guy wrote the name of the place on a piece of paper. We showed that piece of paper to the taxi driver which happened to be waiting in front of Cuihu.

Since there were 8 of us, we needed 2 taxis, but there was only one. It took quite a while until we got another taxi. There were taxis frequently passing by, but most of them were occupied. Our taxi driver, a woman, was kind and helpful. She took the trouble to get off her cab, stand by the street, call a taxi, and explain our destination to the other taxi driver.

The area was very vast. But the flowers were, I have to say, ordinary. Yes, they were beautiful. Flowers are always beautiful. Even carrion flower is beautiful. But compared with Dalat City Flower Garden I visited last year in Vietnam, the species of the flowers here were just ordinary ones.

 Monument of Flower Garden Expo

Cheerful color combination of flowers.

 If only the sky was blue...

A ship of flowers.

When I was a kid, I had a story book "The Three Little Pigs". This one should be "The Three Little Elephants".

"No Shinny Please".
I'm still guessing what does this mean.

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