Dancing Water in Chengdu

Chengdu, September 16th 2010

While the others got ready for Sichuan Opera, I got ready to reach my secondary dream: Tianfu Musical Fountain at Tianfu Square. I say "secondary dream", because of course my ultimate dream of Chengdu was the pandas. I went out of Green Tree Inn People's Park Hotel (that's a long name for a hotel!) with a friend who was a wonderful companion. We laughed and laughed all along the way in search of Tianfu Square. We laughed at the people, we laughed at ourselves. The direction our tour guide gave us previously at the end of the tour to Pingle Ancient Town turned out to be on the very wrong direction. But with our brains and my friend's little Chinese, we managed to set feet on Tianfu Square! Yayyy!

I prepared my tripod for the 8 o'clock show of the music fountain. Here and there I saw men in uniforms. That gave a rather tense atmosphere. But I watched the locals. They looked all happy, cheerful, just as if those soldier-looking men were wax soldiers. I said to myself, "You are Chinese and look Chinese. So just relax and look like a local."

I was rather disappointed because the fountain didn't look as colorful as I had seen in the internet. Afterward I noticed that many of the lights were off. Ah...

It was all classic music. My music.
The fountain literally danced to the music.
I forgot about the soldier-looking men at once.

Across Tianfu Square is a large statue of former leader Mao Zedong. Behind him is the Sichuan Science and Technology Museum.

A close up of Mao Zedong's statue behind the fountain.

One day, I'll come back.
Hopefully, at that time, all the lights will be on.

Good night, Chengdu.

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