Good Morning, Chengdu!

Chengdu, September 17th 2010

I woke up and found a note under my door. My roommate had went to sleep in the other girls' room, because her camera ran out of memory, and she needed to move the content into one of the boys' laptop. She thought it was too late, so she decided to sleep in the other room. Hmmm... I said to myself, I also have a laptop and she knows that very well. Ah, well...

I took a shower and started for a morning walk. Apparently it had been raining the night before.

I can't cease to wonder how could the streets be so clean and comfy in contrary to the public toilets? Yes, I do see sweepers sweeping the sidewalk every now and then. So why don't these people treat public toilets in the same way??

I stopped by a mini market to buy a bottle of green tea. Yeah, I'm a green-freak even when it comes to tea :P

Then I returned to the hotel to leave for Panda Breeding Center with my other 7 travel-mates.

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