Lost in Introduction

One day a friend introduced me to a Chinese friend. I mean, a Chinese from mainland. Not a Chinese like me. Here's how I was introduced:

"This is Shuni. She has been to China and she got lost there."

I was like errr... did I?

"Yes, you got lost didn't you? You joint a tour group and the group left you."

I was more errr... ing. I have never talked about my trip in China with this friend. Even if she had read my stories on Facebook or blognotes -- which I don't think she did for reading is not her hobby -- how could she come to such a conclusion? Someone told her? Although I might guess who that someone is, why would she tell that? Why would you tell something about others which isn't true?

I already had been betrayed by a friend whose friendship I thought mattered. As if that wasn't bad enough, because of that betrayal, I still had to endure the most shocking introduction I ever had.

"This is Shuni. She has been to China and she got lost there."


Anyway, I'm currently writing about my second trip to China in Beauty and the Freeze. You are welcome to follow me there.

The third one will still be in half a year time. It will be an adventure by train running the historical Silk Road.